FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Why the name "materializadora"?

When we started the materializadora project we knew we were doing it for our future clients. So during the brainstorm sessions we had it clear that our purpose was to make their ideas for digital projects into reality. We would materialize them and therefore we would be a materializer (materializadora).

Where is materializadora located at?

Our tax address is located in Barcelona - Spain, which is where we can assist and meet you in-person, however we do not have and will not have physical offices. We are digital and our workplace is anywhere in the world where our teammates and clients might be connecting from.

Do you work with international clients?

Yeah of course. We can assist you remotely no matter where you are, he service billing will be done through Spain though.

Do you work for freelancers or small businesses?

Yep, and in fact, that's our target market. Even before we started we already had in mind that we wanted to help those small businesses that aren't able to pay the big consulting firms/tech companies to achieve their goals of having digital projects.

How long does it take to receive a quote? What's the process?

We usually answer within 24 hours to ask for more information about your project. After our initial contact it might take a while until we have all the requirements for the service or project crystal clear. During this period we will surely exchange some emails and might even do a meeting through video call. After that, we'll give you an estimate based on the project details and if you're OK with the price and decide to move forward, we will prepare an offer contract containing all the details of what we will do.

Is it expensive?

Not at all! Contact us and you will be surprised

How do I know if you are going to do a good job and deliver my project on time?

Our attitude is set and clear right from the start. The customer is the center of our business and their satisfaction is the most important thing for us. Our involvement is absolute during the project.

We prefer to work with project management and software development methodologies that allow for greater control and visibility of the quality and delivery times. In addition, on our website you can see some of our success stories and see first-hand the experiences of some of our clients.

Who are you? What is your knowledge?

A technical team with an entrepreneurial spirit that in the last 20 years has been working with software development projects in large international IT companies.

I would like to work for materializadora. What do I have to do?

That would be great. Write to us through our contact form that we will contact you.