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Membership platform for Digital Content Subscription

A simple, fast and reliable platform that makes managing digital content and subscribers around the world an easy task. This is what Dinara Tairova, a Gestalt psychologist and therapist for Russian speakers, asked us to deliver.

In this platform, she's able to sell her digital products such as courses, books and personalized consultations, among other things.

Membership made easy

An extraordinary user experience in a user friendly environment

Main Features

A subscription-based membership platform for therapeutic content in the form of courses, consultations, articles, books and videos.

Complete membership management

The platform gives the content creator the ability to easily create different subscription plans and configure the content (website, videos, documents, etc.) that is going to be provided to the plan members.

Custom landing page

In addition to a generic subscription form, the platform allows you to quickly create a landing page where you can sell and showcase subscription plans or any other type of content such as the courses and consultations offered by Dinara in this project.

Content Drip

Through a completely configurable system, this platform is able to release content periodically according to a set schedule. In this case, we've used this feature to drip lessons daily to users who are subscribed to her courses.

Gateway & Payment Processing
  • PayPal - Multiple payment methods
  • Generate Invoices Automatically
  • Cupom discounts
  • Generate sales reports automatically

Sell ​​courses

The Challenge

It all started with the need to have a platform that would be able to sell courses in video format. However, the platform needed to be flexible to offer the sale of other types of content with different marketing models as well.

What's more, we were faced with numerous challenges given the global nature of the project. Since it was meant to be aimed mainly at Russian speakers we needed to build the website using the Cyrillic alphabet.

After the first few interactions and gathering of requirements both with the client and ourselves, we've reached the conclusion that a membership platform with the ability to provide subscription plans and gradual release of content was the proper solution for the project.

Subscription & Content Drip

The solution

After some quick proofs of concept (POC - Proof of Concept) we were able to identify the best technologies to carry out the project that would allow for a record time deployment.

The result turned out to be a user friendly platform with a mobile-first design that allows the users to subscribe to different plans giving them access to digital content.

On the other hand, this platform provides the content creator with flexible and scalable management of user membership and subscription plans with the added bonus of content drip.

It should also be noted that the integration with different payment gateways allows for the purchase of plans from anywhere around the world.

Everything made easy

The benefits

By providing content creators with their own platform in which they can create an infinite amount of plans and add as much content as they want, the return of investment is extremely fast in comparison to other online platforms with similar characteristics, especially when taking into account how much they tend to cost.

The different parameterisations of the plans, the management of users, payments and the restriction of access to content offers numerous configuration possibilities.

The flexibility of having a landing page integrated with the subscription form offers a seamless and secure experience to new subscribers.

Time to market

4 weeks

In the first week we performed a POC.

The development was kicked off for real in the second to third week.

In the fourth week we already had made an MVP with the essential characteristics needed for the project launch.


Agile software development

We have approached the project with agile principles in which iterative development, as well as collaboration between teams (client and supplier) has played a fundamental role. The planning was done using temporary blocks called Sprints.

As we were working on an MVP, as the project progressed, we collected feedback from the client, thus ensuring that the requirements were adapted and evolved accordingly, achieving a rapid time to market.


The stack we've used


Linux SO





Vanilla JS

CSS per the client's taste & imagination

WordPress Astra Theme



OoohBoi Steroids for Elementor

A picture... worth a thousand words

Foto Dinara

"A simple, fast and reliable platform that makes managing digital content and subscribers around the world an easy task."

Dinara Tairova, Psicóloga y Terapeuta Gestalt