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The client and CSR, basic pillars of our philosophy as a company.

It’s easy to imagine, like we did at the beginning, that carrying out such a project taking into account the years of experience in other start-ups and technology companies we’ve been through, would be an easy and idyllic path. In a way, experience counts for a lot because it prevents anxiety and lack of patience from defining the fate of the project, as well as alleviating the effects of fear and the uncertainty that we usually encounter when starting such challenges. But experience is not everything and as a father of 3 children I can tell you that “everything is yet to be learned”.

This has only just begun and we still have a long way to go. The illusion of growth through helping small businesses, freelancers and professionals generates enormous satisfaction and is the main fuel that maintains our consistency and focus towards the fulfillment of our objectives. Our goal is to help them gain their own digital visibility.

There have been many brainstorm sessions and internal discussions with the goal of finding our purpose. The first thing we did was to establish that this is a serious long-term professional project. The second was that we established the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of our company. The third thing was to have the customer as the center of our business. In this sense, the client would become the central axis of all our decisions, a rare occurrence within technology companies where what we usually see is the adoption and display of a self-oriented posture, with the clients as well as the rest of society left as a background element.

We know that it may seem like a cliché that is easy to adopt, since in well-known companies the customer is also at the center of all decisions, as is the case with Amazon. However, we have established that our business strategy is to put the customer at the center of all our decisions but with an important detail: social responsibility, the second purpose mentioned above.

At university I had studied in depth the 3 levels of corporate social responsibility defined by John Hargreaves and Jan Dauman in the book Business Survival and Social Change: A Practical Guide to Responsibility and Partnership, and because of it, we realized that we need to take into account the other groups that might be involved in what we do (workers, government, society in general, etc.) and analyze if there really is a social demand for these responsibilities and how we will address such questions.

The initial idea has already been transformed into a business plan with three defined phases: business definition, start-up, and consolidation. We are now about to enter phase 2 and we are warming up to start the project in September.

I wish the whole team good luck and that a project done with such enthusiasm can be captivating for future clients as well as all those professionals who are looking for a different and motivating project where they can express their full potential.

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